Installation Guide for Non Woven Lamination Machine

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Installation Guide for Non Woven Lamination Machine



The non woven lamination machine is a vital equipment in the hygiene products industry, specifically for the production of products like diapers and sanitary napkins. This guide aims to provide step-by-step instructions on how to properly install the machine for optimal performance and safety.

1. Unpacking and Inspection


Begin by unpacking the machine carefully, ensuring that all components are present and undamaged. Verify the accessories and spare parts against the packing list provided. Look for any signs of transit damage and report it to the supplier immediately.

2. Foundation and Installation Area


Select a suitable area for installation, ensuring it has adequate space, ventilation, and stable flooring. Prepare a strong foundation as per the manufacturer's recommendations. Clean the area and make sure it is free from any obstructions or debris.

3. Machine Placement

Position the machine in the designated area, ensuring it is level and balanced. Check the alignment of the machine with other equipment or production line it will be connected to. Use leveling tools, if necessary, to achieve precise placement.

4. Power Supply Connection

Ensure the power supply meets the electrical requirements of the machine. Connect the machine to the power source using proper grounding methods. Follow the manufacturer's guidelines for electrical connections to prevent any electrical hazards during operation.

5. Air Compressor Connection

If the machine requires an air compressor, connect it according to the manufacturer's instructions. Ensure the air pressure and volume meet the specified requirements. Test the air compressor functionality before proceeding.

6. Material Loading

Load the non woven materials into the machine, following the recommended procedures. Ensure the material is properly aligned and positioned to prevent any feeding issues during operation. Adjust the tension and guiding mechanisms as needed.

7. Machine Initialization

Perform the necessary initialization procedures as specified in the machine's user manual. This may include setting parameters, calibrating sensors, and configuring the control system. Follow the instructions carefully to ensure accurate machine operation.

8. Safety Checks and Testing

Before starting the production process, conduct a thorough safety check of the machine. Ensure all safety guards, emergency stops, and interlocks are in place and functioning correctly. Perform trial runs and test the machine's performance under different operating conditions to verify its reliability.


Proper installation of the non woven lamination machine is essential for efficient and safe production of hygiene products. By following this installation guide, you can ensure that the machine is set up correctly and ready for operation. Remember to refer to the manufacturer's instructions and seek professional assistance if needed.

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