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Non Woven Embossed &Perforating Slitting Machine(Single Unwinder And Double Rewinder)

2 machines, operated by one person, with a production width of 190mm, 60 meters per minute, and an actual output of 1.2-1.3 tons/machine in 12 hours.

Price: Negotiable
Model: HBJX-W1200-SD
Power: Three-phase, 380V, 50HZ. Total installed power:35KW
Finished Product Specifications: Width 75-1200mm, roll diameter 850mm
Raw Material: Air-through nonwovens and spunbond nonwovens
Speed: 100m/min, effective production speed: 60-90m/min
Dimensions: length * width * height = 4.2*2.6*2.1meters (1200 model)
Qualified Rate: ≥98%
Configuration: Full servo configuration
Equipment Color: The main body is off-white
Certification: CE, ISO
Working Voltage: 380V
Working Air Pressure: 6Bar
Temperature Range: 0℃-45℃
Place of Origin: CHINA.

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Double shift capacity







Operating Voltage

Working air pressure






1. Unwinding: The unwinding station adopts a single station, and one set of servo is used for automatic unwinding. Pendulum type automatic tension detection feedback, base active manual correction adjustment. Set "Emergency Stop" - "Manual" - "Jog" buttons at the unwinding station to facilitate precise manual unwinding of excess tailings of materials.

The unwinding is equipped with a manual material splicing hot welding device to avoid tape splicing and damage to the mold to save time.

2. Mold: adopt one support and one configuration. Same power servo drive as preheating. Equipped with a separate multi-wheel low seat with card position. Loosen the locking screw and pull it out, which avoids lifting and transportation when replacing the mold, which can greatly save the time of mold replacement and disassembly. Electronic gears are set up in the system, and parameters can be directly input for different molds to be replaced, avoiding the need to disassemble and assemble the synchronization wheels.

3. Mold preheating roller: mold + inner sleeve type preheating roller, fast preheating and energy saving.

4. Cooling device:

High-precision grinding cold water roller, containing sleeve, large wrap angle contact, fast cooling. The temperature can be controlled within 10 degrees to ensure rapid cooling after the mold comes out and avoid wind deformation. Servo drive, dedicated standard domestic chiller, can be used independently without the need for a water tower.

5. Cutter: There are 12 sets of universal pneumatic pressure cutter sets. The bed knife is made of one-piece tool steel, heat-treated and ground, with a hardness of 60°±2°.

6. Rewinding device: The rewinding station adopts dual-station automatic switching of rewinding. The power uses 3 sets of servo and transmission rewinding + 2 sets of high-speed motors to assist in station switching. The entire machine does not require a reducer or shutdown during the roll changing operation. Ensure constant tension and improve hole pattern perforating rate.

7. Control system: The whole machine adopts Mitsubishi PLC + 10.5-inch Wei Luntong touch screen. Automatic detection of servo constant tension, processed by PLC programmable information microcomputer, can realize automatic tension control between all servos. The whole machine system is equipped with general operation rights and machine repair operation rights. Machine repair operators can save the adjusted data to avoid misoperation by production employees. The fixed meter number can be set to automatically change the roll, and the rewinding meter number is adjustable.

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Non Woven Embossed &Perforating Slitting Machine(Single Unwinder And Double Rewinder)Main Parts

1. Embossing Roller

The embossing roller provides the necessary pressure and pattern to create embossed designs on the non woven fabric, enhancing its aesthetic appeal and texture.

2. Conveyor

The conveyor transports the non woven fabric through different stages of the machine, maintaining a steady flow and facilitating efficient production.

3. Unwinding System

This component is responsible for unwinding the non woven fabric roll, ensuring smooth and consistent material feed into the machine.
Manufacturer Advantage We have strong power to support our production, from factory environment construction to equipment
configuration, all leading to high quality products.
Continuous Innovation

Continuous Innovation

The manufacturer is committed to continuous innovation, regularly introducing new features and improvements to Non Woven Embossed &Perforating Slitting Machine(Single Unwinder And Double Rewinder).
Quality Materials

Quality Materials

The manufacturer uses premium quality materials in the construction of their machines, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance.
Efficient Production Process

Efficient Production Process

The Non Woven Embossed &Perforating Slitting Machine(Single Unwinder And Double Rewinder) manufacturer has optimized their production process, resulting in increased efficiency and shorter lead times.

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