Installation Guide for Non Woven Fabric Slitting Rewinding Machine

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Installation Guide for Non Woven Fabric Slitting Rewinding Machine



The non woven fabric industry plays a crucial role in the production of products such as diapers and sanitary napkins. To meet the increasing demand, efficient slitting and rewinding machines are essential. This installation guide aims to provide detailed instructions on how to install a non woven fabric slitting rewinding machine to ensure its optimal performance. By following these steps, you can enhance productivity and maximize the efficiency of your production line.

Step 1: Pre-Installation Preparation


Prior to installing the slitting rewinding machine, it is important to prepare the installation site. Ensure that the floor is smooth, clean, and level. Clear any obstacles or debris that may hinder the installation process. Additionally, gather all necessary tools and equipment required for the installation.

Step 2: Unpacking and Inspection


When unpacking the machine, carefully remove all packaging materials and inspect each component for any signs of damage. Check the machine's manual and ensure that all parts are included. Contact the manufacturer if anything is missing or damaged.

Step 3: Machine Placement

Select an appropriate location for the slitting rewinding machine. Ensure that there is sufficient space for the machine and easy access to power sources. Consider factors such as ventilation and safety precautions. Place the machine on a stable surface and use leveling tools to ensure its stability.

Step 4: Power Connection

Connect the machine to a reliable power source following the manufacturer's specifications. Ensure that the voltage and frequency requirements are met. Use suitable cables and connectors to avoid any electrical hazards. Test the power connection before proceeding.

Step 5: Alignment and Adjustment

Align the slitting and rewinding components according to the machine's manual. Make necessary adjustments to ensure proper tension control, alignment of cutting blades, and accurate rewinding. Take your time to ensure precise configuration for optimal performance.

Step 6: Safety Measures

Prioritize safety by installing all necessary safety guards and devices recommended by the manufacturer. These may include emergency stop buttons, safety interlocks, and warning signs. Train operators on safety procedures and ensure they have access to personal protective equipment.

Step 7: Testing and Calibration

Before starting normal production, conduct thorough testing and calibration of the machine. Run a few trial slitting and rewinding processes to ensure that the machine functions correctly. Make any necessary adjustments or corrections during this stage to guarantee optimal performance.


By following these installation steps, you can effectively install a non woven fabric slitting rewinding machine. Remember to prioritize safety, perform regular maintenance, and consult the manufacturer's instructions for any troubleshooting or specific requirements. With a properly installed machine, you can enhance productivity and produce high-quality non woven fabric products efficiently.

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