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Expandable Disposable Compressed Face Towel Making Machine

Hanbang fully automatic compressed towel machine provides fully automated production from raw materials to finished compressed towels.

Price: Negotiable
Model: HBJX-300ss -R4.5
Power: Three-phase, 380V, 50HZ. Total installed power:45KW
Dimensions: Length*width*height: 5.3*3*2.2m (for reference, including external gas station)
Finished Product Specifications: Circle:Phi45mm
Equipment Color: The default host black + aluminum alloy frame
Raw Material: Full viscose spunlace nonwoven fabric/cotton spunlace nonwoven fabric
Speed: Stable production speed of round 4.5CM compressed towels: 250-300 pieces/minute
Qualified Rate: ≥97%
Configuration: Full servo configuration
Certification: CE, ISO
Working Voltage: 380V
Working Air Pressure: 6Bar
Temperature Range: 0℃-45℃
Place of Origin: CHINA.

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The Expandable Disposable Compressed Face Towel Making Machine is a state-of-the-art device designed for efficiently producing expandable disposable compressed face towels.

This innovative machine automates the entire process, from raw material feeding to towel folding and packaging, ensuring high production efficiency and consistent quality.



Fully automatic compressed towel machine HBJX-300ss-R4.5

Raw Material

All viscose/cotton spun lace non-woven fabrics, small squares and large squares can produce weight range: 60-95 grams/square meter, width: <=320mm, maximum unwinding diameter: <=ф1000mm;

Maximum and minimum specifications that can be produced

Finished round compressed towel, molding size: diameter 4.5mm: the smallest size that can be produced is 26*52cm; the largest size is 32*65cm.


Three-phase, 380V, 50HZ, 3060 circular Total power: <=35KW (including oil station)


Production speed: 250-300 pcs/min (according to material specification and gram weight).

Acceptance standard: 300*600mm, based on 75-85 grams of cloth.


Round diameter 4.5CM


Length*width*height: 5.3*3*2.2m (for reference, including external gas station)


The default host black + aluminum alloy frame.


≧97%(not included wastage from the splicing and leftover material)


Full servo configuration

Disposable Compressed Face Towel Making Machine


B. HBJX-300ss-R4.5 Mini Compressed Towel Machine Features:

1. Automated Production: The machine is equipped with advanced automation technology, enabling continuous and efficient production without the need for manual intervention.

2. High Precision Cutting: The cutting mechanism of the machine ensures precise and accurate dimensions for each compressed face towel, resulting in consistent product quality.

3. Adjustable Folding Options: The machine allows for adjustable folding options, allowing you to customize the size and shape of the compressed face towels according to your specific requirements.

4. Reliable Performance: With its robust design and reliable components, the machine operates smoothly and stably, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

5. User-Friendly Interface: The machine features a user-friendly interface that allows operators to easily control and monitor the production process, making it simple to operate even for non-technical personnel.

C. HBJX-300ss-R4.5 Mini Facial Towel Machine Precautions:

1. Ensure Proper Raw Material Quality: It is important to use high-quality raw materials to guarantee the resulting compressed face towels meet the desired standards.

2. Regular Maintenance: Regular maintenance and cleaning of the machine are essential to ensure its optimal performance and prolong its lifespan.

3. Safety Measures: Operators should strictly adhere to safety guidelines and precautions while operating the machine to prevent accidents and injuries.

Applications of Disposable Face Towel Making Machine:

The Expandable Disposable Compressed Face Towel Making Machine finds applications in various industries and settings, including hotels, restaurants, spas, gyms, travel, and personal care products. It offers a convenient and hygienic solution for on-the-go use, making it ideal for travel, outdoor activities, and emergencies.

Main functions of HBJX-300ss-R4.5 Disposable Compressed Face Towel Making Machine:

1. Material Feeding: The machine automatically feeds raw materials, ensuring a continuous production process.

2. Compressing and Shaping: The machine compresses and shapes the face towels according to pre-set specifications, resulting in compact and portable towels.

3. Folding: The machine folds the compressed towels into the desired shape, making them easy to carry and store.

4. Packaging: The machine packages the compressed face towels into individual packs, ensuring hygiene and convenience for end-users.

What is the working principle of HBJX-300ss-R4.5 compressed towel machine?

1. Material unwinding system: The unwinding adopts a single station, and the power adopts 2 sets of servo center unwinding.
The machine can receive materials without stopping during operation, and will automatically stop and alarm when there is no material.
2. After the material is unrolled by the static elimination device, water passes through the nozzle atomization system or the heated wine spray atomization system to eliminate static electricity on the surface of the material and ensure the compression molding effect.
3. The correction device is equipped with an electric eye, which automatically identifies the correction device before and after the material is folded longitudinally to ensure that the material does not shift before entering the horizontal folding.
4. Longitudinal folding device: 3 folding devices, 1 longitudinal folding device, 2 transverse folding devices.
5. Mold: Molding is divided into 2 sets of independent molds. Each set of molds is made of food-grade stainless steel and uses independent servo drive.
6. Control system: The whole machine is controlled by PLC+10.5-inch touch screen electronic control system. The servo constant tension is automatically detected and processed by a PLC programmable information microcomputer.
Automatic tension control between all servos can be achieved. The entire machine system has general operation rights and machine repair operation rights.
Machine repair operators can save the adjusted data to avoid misoperation by production employees.

Related Resource

Expandable Disposable Compressed Face Towel Making MachineMain Parts
Folding Cutting Mechanism

1. Folding Cutting Mechanism

The folding mechanism performs the folding process after the towels have been compressed, allowing for easy storage and distribution.

2. Control panel

The control panel allows users to easily operate the Expandable Disposable Compressed Face Towel Making Machine, controlling functions such as temperature, time, and operation modes.
Control panel
water tank

3. water tank

The water tank stores the water required for the operation of the Expandable Disposable Compressed Face Towel Making Machine, which is convenient for generating steam to humidify the towels.
Expandable Disposable Compressed Face Towel Making MachineRelated Quality Control
Durability Assessment
Conduct durability tests to evaluate Expandable Disposable Compressed Face Towel Making Machine's ability to withstand continuous use over an extended period.
Final Inspection
Perform a final inspection on each assembled machine to ensure it meets all quality standards before packaging and shipping.
Assembly Process
Ensure that all assembly processes are carried out following the specified guidelines and standard operating procedures.
Supplier Evaluation
Establish clear quality criteria and work closely with suppliers to ensure consistent quality.

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   The Automatic Compressed Bath Towel Machine is a game-changer for our beach resort

a game-changer for our beach resort  2024-05-27

1. "The Automatic Compressed Bath Towel Machine is a game-changer for our hotel. It saves space, reduces laundry volume, and ensures every guest gets a fresh towel. Highly recommended!" - Hotel Manager2. "As a spa owner, I can't imagine running my business without this machine. It's efficient, cost-
   The spa center and sauna venue

Spa center and sauna venue  2024-05-28

We love the quality of the towels produced by this machine. They are soft, absorbent, and perfect for our spa clientele.
   The Automatic Compressed Towel Machine is suitable for our hotel

Hotel towel  2024-05-28

The Automatic Compressed Towel Machine is a game-changer for our hotel business. It has significantly reduced storage space and improved efficiency,We are thrilled with the durability of the compressed towels produced by this machine
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