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Portable Disposable Travel Set Skin-friendly Plant Fiber Compressed Towel

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Price: Negotiable
Model: Non woven Fabric Compressed Towel Compressed Travel Towel
Color: White
Raw Material: Non-woven fabric compress towel
Size: 30*60cm/85g
Compressed shape:
Certification: CE, ISO
Place of Origin: CHINA.

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Magic towel compressed
Rapid expansion in contact with water Immerse in water, quickly spread in water and wring out to use

Key attributes

Industry-specific attributes

Material:non woven
Technics:Biodegradable Non woven Fabric

Other attributes

Place of Origin:China
Use: Disposable Towel
Brand Name: Compressed face towels
Feature:Child-Proof, Compressed, Hypoallergenic, Disposable, Sustainable, QUICK-DRY, Antimicrobial
Shape:Round, Roll, Square, Rectangle
Product name:Compressed towel
Function: Healthy Cleaning
Features: Tablet Magic Towel
Usage: Disposable Compressed Towel
Advantage : Portable
Samples: Free Sample

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Supply Ability

Supply Ability
500000 Piece/Pieces per Day

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